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Administration: Town Clerk: Robin Hussey
Phone: (910) 428 – 4623 
Email: townofstar@gmail.com

Fire Department: Fire Chief – J. Wesley Brown
The Star Fire Department consists of all volunteers and currently has twenty-three (23) active firemen. Our firemen take their volunteer jobs very seriously.

Police Department: Police Chief – Tracy Phillips
The Star Police Department is located on South Main Street at the Star Municipal Building.
Currently, there are four full-time officers and several auxiliary officers. Our police officers work hard to enforce the law to keep citizens safe and allow us to boast a very low crime rate.

Public Works: Director – J. Wesley Brown
Public works personnel provide a wide array of services for the town. These services include mowing and outdoor maintenance for the park and other town properties, as well as maintenance of streets and our water and sewer system.

Zoning: J. Wesley Brown
The Town of Star uses the Zoning Ordinance to protect the rights of property owners, promote quality of life, and preserve the aesthetic values of the Town. 

Zoning Permit Instructions
A Zoning Permit is required to obtain a building permit from the county when placing any new structures on a property, or when a new business, institution, or industry is opened or exchanging ownership.

Sign Permit
A Sign Permit is required for business signs, bulletin boards, and instructional signs.